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Wrestling with pigs

In life, some things, jobs, weeks... and even some people can seem unreasonable. Some weeks, are a little like 'wrestling pigs' try and try and despite all your efforts, what you are left with is mess, dissatisfaction and disappointment. You try so hard, while others with little apparent effort end up delighted, self-satisfied, superior and smug! 

Here then, is another lesson that I have learned from animals....

Churchill said* 'A dog looks up to you, a cat looks down on you, but a pig will treat you as an equal'....Animals are a great metaphor for thinking about and understanding people. Pigs are entertaining, interesting, intelligent (some have said, smarter than the average 3 year old!), relational, social (though not particularly sociable...they do not look for company and affection)....and they are pigs. By nature, they enjoy rolling in the mud, have an amazing sense of smell and can be terribly destructive in their path to meet their own needs! 

Spend time with pigs, enjoy their social and humorous traits, build reciprocity and harmony with a pig but be careful of your footing when crossing the fence into piggy terrain.......

(*in a speech in 1945 in reference to Franklin Roosevelt)


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