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Apologies...I've been a little testudinal lately...

I was feeling a little embarrassed as its been so long since I posted on this blog.

The urge is to offer a large pile of excuses (I've been busy, on holiday, tied up, booked up, overwhelmed, over-eating, uninspired, technologically unavailable, disappointed, deluded, distracted...) but I decided to look again to the animal world. And here's the lesson I found. Its not new (and neither is the tortoise), not really rocket science, but I certainly can always benefit from a reminder from time to time...

You know Tortoises are incredible animals. From them, we get abundant lessons such as 'stick your neck out' and when its not safe, retreat to your shell. They have lived and do live for incredibly long periods of time. They can't swim, but they can hold their breath for a long time, they are generally solitary (and don't care too much for their young). Their shells have nerve endings, so they can feel it being stroked or prodded. They learn by studying and watching and following gaze. 

Many other writers (if I may be so bold as to call myself a writer!) have reflected on and written about Tortoises including Roald Dahl, DH Lawrence, and the epic Gerard Durrell. I can only imagine that they have gained their insight, creativity and inspiration from standing and staring awhile. By watching the slow and steady immeasurably fascinating movements of the antiquated reptilian tortoise. More soft fascination and I say again, heraclitean motion (see earlier posts for more on this!) Both immeasurably beneficial to brain function and well being. 

Thus, rather than apologise for a couple of seemingly unproductive blogging months, instead, I turn to the main biophilic lessons of the tortoise! 

Lesson One: Stop rushing! Stand and stare (and enjoy the moment). They say that everyone can benefit from sitting quietly in nature and we all should do so for 20mins a da...unless we're busy, in which case we should spend an hour! (credit to some internet posted quote...not my own joke!)

Lesson Two: Stick Your Neck out! (so here are my thoughts for all to see...)

and most importantly...

Lesson Three: It matters not how much seems to pass you by; do it well rather than quickly. Slow and steady wins the race!

or in summary...Be more Testudinal (like a tortoise!)


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