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Forget the risk, take the fall, if it's what you want, its worth it all....

So... a few people over the last year or so have said to me: why don't you write a book? I'd buy it!

Hmm...very flattering indeed, but how to put pen to paper in a thoughtful and engaging, informative and original, inspiring and humourous, stretching and exciting way? Writing and researching a thesis taught me many things...perseverance and pursuing your goals to the end game being one of those!!! Life, however has taught me other lessons...(fear, flight, trauma and anxiety, shame, failure, the judgement of other people...) one of which is 'forget the risk, take the fall, if it's what you want, its worth it all' (a mercilessly stolen rhyme, with the source unknown!)

So today, with some trepidation, I have begun that venture...!?*$£!!!!! (silent arrrrrghhh!!)

Much like many New Years Venture, (Resolutions if you will, Revolutions if you won't!), this of course may not last...and if it does not have the legs (or the tales/ tails?) I bid you please dear reader to forgive me (and never to mention it again!)

Enough preamble...what is it about? ...well, a combination of snippets of other peoples wisdom (bio-philia snippets) mashed together with some tales of my own animals, some underpinning theory and science to explain why animals (and nature) have such a profound and lasting impact on us in terms of mental health and emotional wellbeing, learning about emotions, and healing broken and wounded hearts...for the rest, you'll just have to wonder for now! 

Alongside this venture, (and because a blog needs a good amount of pictures to keep you interested!!) I propose to share some of the snippets I have learned along the way....Thanks for reading all the way to the end......Here's the first!!


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