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Whole School, team and individual support to prioritise wellbeing and relieve stress. Practical support to embed a philosophy and understand and manage challenge and behaviour for happier children and adults and better learning and attainment.



"A truly magical experience! My learners were given the most engaging, memorable, outdoor learning opportunities. From building a fire, to carving African clay spoons; from cooking fruit over an open flame to singing campfire songs. Coral enables our school community to experience the wonders of the outdoors in the most secure and safe environment. Her passion, knowledge and creative style provides the very best learning experience for children and young people, as well as inspirational professional development for staff."

Bec, Teacher, Penycwm



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Help to create or shift organisational culture as well as coaching and mentoring for change. Specific and realistic support to help you embed your emotional well-being or outdoor and animal assisted learning across your school or organisation


Third-party training on Trauma and Mental Health Informed Approaches to learning, run in conjunction with Trauma Informed Schools, UK

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