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approach to learning

We believe that learning is better achieved, and life generally is more fulfilling,  when we are in contact with nature and other species.


We believe this is particularly so for those learners who struggle with traditional classrooms.

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Ready to embrace outdoor learning for better mental health?
Want to know the science behind the benefits, or improve your skills and confidence in delivering learning outside? 
- Coral and Holly


We embrace a 
Better Out Than In supports children and young people to build resilience and inspire learning by connecting with animals and nature.
Find out more about the support and training we offer, discover our Biophilia snippets blog, and get in touch to discuss how we can help you embed outdoor learning for better mental health in your own work.  

Why wouldn't you take learning outside?!

One-off launch and celebration events to inspire and support staff, or bring a specific classroom topic to life. 

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